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It's our national pride to present you with Creative and Fashionable style of shoes under Thai brand Sunstar, Stario, Starioshoe,
Sister Shuz, Stario Choice and Fantacie Shuz

We have more than 80 years of experiences in shoes industries with more than 100 personnels and industries supporting our products
and services in order to satisfy our customers. Our products have been distributed to several regions; especially Asia, Middle East ,
Australia and Europe, etc.
That is why we are always well known to the customers in terms of both on-time delivery and order accuracy as well.

Moreover we also have our own shoe accessories and raw material industries, which can support us with the prompt deliverly like PU,
PVC, Glass Sole and shoe accessories, etc. under the name of Chong Heng Company. Now we have threestores in downtown Bangkok,
one is located in Sampeng alley (Finished Shoes and Raw Material), one is in

WONG WIEN YAI (only Raw Material) and the other is in Pratunam shopping alley (only Finished Shoes). All of the stores can provide
customers with hundreds of our trendy design products. In addition, we also provide our valued customer with their own custom designs
with as same high quality as our own products.

With the honor of the bands ;Sunstar Stario" and ;Chong Heng Leather . we are not only fully enthusiastic and commited to provide you,
our prestique customers with price-valued products and services, but we also hope to create a long term fellowship to work along
with you and your businesses as well.

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